The UNT Multicultural Center was established with the goal that it would be a place where students and community members could experience the cultural wealth of the University, with a central purpose to teach diversity through student engagement and promote student success. The Multicultural Center provides resources, information, educational opportunities, and events that build inclusion focusing on five areas of diversity: race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, interfaith, and disability.
The Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity partners with the UNT Faculty and Staff and the entire campus community to create an inclusive environment that prepares and promotes UNT student success in a global marketplace. At UNT, all members of our community value, support, and respect each other and the educational benefits of diversity.
Roscon Foundation, Inc., based in Dallas, Texas affiliated with Roscon Foundation, Inc. in Tarlac City, Philippines. is a multi activity non-profit foundation engaged in fostering international unity, intellectual sharing, improving the living conditions of tribes and low-income community members. It also supports the United States and Philippine governments' goals to promote respect of human rights and help its societies thru its diversified professional and cultural services. Examples include supporting low-income community members by looking employment for them at no charge, selling donated cars to them on payment plans, assisting family-petition filings and finding the best options on academic programs that benefit the community.
NAAAP, the National Association of Asian American Professionals, is a non-profit organization where Asian American professionals across the country, can work together to enhance Asian American leadership in our careers and the communities that we live and serve in. As the largest and fastest growing Asian American professional organization NAAAP continues to provide its members with the tools and resources to further career advancements and to empower Asian Americans to become great leaders as well as reliable employees.
The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations (UVSA) of the South Region is an organization that serves to provide a space to unite the Vietnamese Student Associations (VSAs) and its affiliates across all of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The organization strives to promote and facilitate VSAs to organize events on a regional level focusing on leadership development, networking, culture, and service to the Vietnamese communities at their local cities. Through guidance and mentorship, the organization aims to help inspire and develop individuals into strong, young leaders to give back and serve their community.