We are inviting all leaders to speak at the 9th annual Asian Pacific American Empowerment Conference on Saturday, November 16th, 2013 in Denton, TX!!

This year, our workshop leaders are challenging YOU to reflect on what it means to be an Asian American role model. Our job is to ask what Defines. Represents. Inspires. Vitalizes. Empowers you: what gives you your drive? Stay tuned as we announce our workshop leaders in the coming weeks!

Keynote Speakers

Miss Lisa Lee has taken social media leadership by storm. From 2008-2011, she was the pro bono publisher for Hyphen magazine, an award-winning Asian American arts, culture, and politics print magazine and website, doubling the organization's annual budget during her service. She is currently a diversity program manager for Facebook and writer and cofounder for Thick Dumpling Skin with actress Lynn Chen. TDS is a community forum dedicated to discussing body image issues and eating disorders in the Asian American community. The site is frequented by more than 4,000 unique readers each month and was named by Audrey Magazines as one of the best blogs of 2011.


Emily Duong - 2013 Pacific Miss Asian American proves beauty starts from within and that the importance of self-empowerment and positivity can radiate beyond our control for the betterment of our society. Since graduating from George Mason University with two degrees in Public Relations and Business Administration, within a year she has aided in providing scholarships, business opportunities, and the expansion of health and education onto an international platform. Miss Duong is currently preparing for her MCATs and will represent her multicultural background in Vietnamese, Chinese, German, and Irish-American descent in the next Miss Asia World Pageant held in Seoul, Korea. She will open APAEC with a photo session, keynote speech, and interactive Q & A!

Workshop Speakers

We’re starting off our conference by first discussing what DEFINES an Asian American leader? We’re reaching back and hashing out issues of culture, stereotyping and racial identity so you’ll walk away with a working knowledge on who you are and how you want to be DEFINED.
Asian Sex Appeal
Thomas Nguyen and Brian Yu
University of North Texas

A ‘Fresh Outlook Beyond’ FOB
Anna Nguyen
Ambit Energy, UTD ‘13

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You
Conrad Alagaban, Jr.
Principal at Con Soleil Financial, Youth Director at Roscon Foundation

Workshop Session TBD
Lisa Lee
Diversity Program Manager at Facebook, Writer & Co-Founder, Thick Dumpling Skin
All of you are leaders, but how can we make the best of our experiences for the professional world beyond? In this session, learn how to best REPRESENT yourself by attending our professional development workshops. Meet the most INSPIRING and INFLUENTIAL leaders in the DFW area!

Non-Traditional Careers for the Successful Asian American
Allyn Hoang
Host & Producer, Tribune Broadcasting

Ethnic Identity and Your Professional Footprint
Dr. Lou Pelton
NextGen Senior Fellow, Associate Professor of Marketing, UNT

Defining Success and Understanding Money
Guy Kim Nguyen
Managing Director at Sethi Petroleum

The Inspiration and Drive to Keep Your Passion
Truong Vuong
Founder of Loyal KNG
1. To endow with life; animate.
2. To make more lively or vigorous; invigorate.
All the DRIVE in the world means nothing without the proper execution. How do we best use our talents to share with the rest of the world? This session is all about taking what we know of ourselves, our community, and our culture and make it tangible for others to see. We’ve gathered the best minds to show you how!

Networking, Etiquette, and Interviewing
Gina Tran MS
Dept of Marketing, University of North Texas

The Visionary, The Paragon, or The Populist: Which Path Do You Choose?
Chan Huynh
UVSA-Midwest, Purdue University

You Want to Host a Major Event: Q&A Panel with the Best of the Best

(From left to right)
John Ting, Principal Attorney at John Ting Law, Co-Founder at Bobaddition LLC, Director of Fundraising at Against the Grain (ATG) Productions

Steven Huynh, President of UVSA-South, OD/PhD Graduate Student at University of Houston

Emily Duong, 2013 Pacific Miss Asian American, Ambassador of Minorities in Energy Initiative at U.S. Department of Energy, Former EVP for MAUVSA

Conrad Alagaban, Jr., Principal at Con Soleil Financial, Youth Director at Roscon Foundation